Saturday, 4 February 2012

crumleycrafts: Tilda wedding card

crumleycrafts: Tilda wedding card: hi guys here's my first proper wee blog!!!!! i made this large wedding card with a few of my favourite stamps and pro-markers ..............

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tilda wedding card

hi guys here's my first proper wee blog!!!!! i made this large wedding card with a few of my favourite stamps  and pro-markers ........... i used two brides( 1 for a flower girl) tildas , 2 grooms(1 for the best man ) , a tilda tree and a clarity stamp of a church !other items  i' ve used - lace , black ribbon ,gold ,black and white card , 5 n half inch flowers cut from the cricut (storybook) 2- 4n half inch tags (george basic shapes ) 

pro-markers used-dusky pink/coral/almond/ivory/cool grey 1/rose pink/coca/cinamon/burnt sienna/buttercup/sandstone/cool grey 3 /apple/amethyst/cool grey 4/powder blue/pear green
 first i used a 5 n half inch flower and layered my stamps ( a wee tip is to stamp onto scrap paper using each of the stamps , cut out and use these to mask over  , to give a layering effect)  the colours i used for the skin tone are - dusky pink then add a shadow with coral , blend both colours in with almond ! keep blending and add shadows until your happy with the result and all looks even !
 for the bride i used- cool grey 1 as a shadow then blended with the ivory , once gain keep building up the colour

bridesmaid i used- rose pink as a shadow ,blended with almond

flowers and ties- rose pink with touches of cool grey 3 blending again with rose pink , for the leaves i used apple

shirts -amethyst 
mens suits -cool grey 4 blended with cool grey 2
shoes- coca blended with cinamon 

brides hair- burnt sienna blended with buttercup ( another wee tip use the darker colours around the outside of image and blend with the lighter colour)

flower girl- burnt sienna blended with sandstone

best man - hair - coca blended with buttercup

groom - cool grey 4 blended with cool grey 3

after alls coloured - hi-light around all of the image 
(i used powder blue) and pear green for the grass
 i then stuck my finished flower onto a black 5 n half inch fancy cut out from the cricut of the story book  cartridge 

printed sentiments onto the tags , added ribbon

finished card !!!!

hope ya's enjoyed i certainly did making this x

Friday, 20 January 2012

Tilda Tulip Cart

tilda stamp

hi peeps! to get me started i am going to do some tutorials on my favourite Tilda stamps using pro-markers! x
hi guys just want to say thank you for following me on my new venture ..... blogging lol !! might take me a little while to get the hang of this , hoping it will be all up in running soon x